Health Navigator

Nairobi, Nairobi County
Work Type: Full Time

Antara Health is pioneering virtual-first primary care in Kenya. With cutting-edge technology and intelligent use of data, Antara has transformed the healthcare experience from one fraught with anxiety, inconvenience, financial stress and lack of knowledge into a delightful experience that is empowering patients with information and driving world-class health outcomes. 

The Health Navigator is at the heart of the transformation. We are looking for amazing nurses to grow Antara’s Health Navigation team.


The Role:

The Health Navigator will promote, maintain, and improve the health of Antara Health’s beneficiaries through screening, risk assessment, health management plan development and careful follow-up designed to engage and empower beneficiaries in the effective management of their own health.

The Health Navigator will be responsible for helping Antara Health’s beneficiaries understand who our partner healthcare providers are, the services they provide, the location of our partner healthcare providers, how Antara Health’s beneficiaries can access available health and wellness interventions, including nutritional services, physiotherapy services, fitness activities and adopt healthy behaviour. 

The Health Navigator will be our beneficiaries' partner throughout the entirety of the healthcare journey.


Key Responsibilities:

Each Health Navigator is responsible for managing all clinical and administrative duties for her/his cohort of beneficiaries and their families with the highest degree of professionalism and discretion, including but not limited to the following:

1.    Establish trusting relationships with Antara Health’s beneficiaries and their families

2.    Maintain professional, caring, and regular lines of communication with Antara Health’s beneficiaries and their families

3.    Conduct onboarding interviews with each Antara Health beneficiary in her/his panel, including:

  • Taking medical history

  • Assessing health risk

4.    Schedule appointments for Antara Health’s beneficiaries with Antara’s partner health service providers, and provide appointment reminders

6.    Advocate for beneficiaries by ensuring they receive prompt and professional service, and be on standby for assistance should an issue arise

7.    Ensure that each Antara Health beneficiary in their cohort has a care management plan in place, noting key milestones and the timeline for achievement of said milestones.

8.    Follow-up with Antara Health beneficiaries via our omnichannel communication system to ensure appropriate understanding of health conditions and how the conditions need to be managed, and offer additional support as needed.

9.    Be knowledgeable about community resources appropriate to needs of Antara customers/families

10.    Serve as the point of first contact for any disputes, concerns, questions or suggestions regarding the quality, timeliness or appropriateness of service provision.

11.     Coordinate with internal teams to ensure that any action beyond the remit of the clinical team is addressed to ensure appropriate support and resolution of any beneficiary-related issues.



  • High quality virtual-first primary care

    • Screen all beneficiaries

    • Craft personalized management plans for all beneficiaries

    • Maintain beneficiaries’ care management plans, track progress against goals, and highlight concerns or considerations that may need to be taken into account.

    • Routine and effective ongoing care and follow-up through periodic touch points with beneficiaries to ensure that their wellness plan is on track.

    • Beneficiary education

    • Beneficiary empowerment

  • Effective participation as part of the broader clinical team

  • Follow up with partner providers for any critical and necessary information required to manage the beneficiaries’ case well, including care management plans, prescriptions, etc.

  • Ensure prompt ordering and delivery of medication and lab tests to beneficiaries.

  • Maintain a log of any issues that need resolution with regard to operations, feedback on service delivery, concerns raised by beneficiaries, payers and other stakeholders.


  • Nursing training with certification and registered with the Nursing Council of Kenya, with minimum 3 years’ full-time work experience, and current, valid license.

  • Experience working in a community-based setting for at least 1 to 2 years preferred.

  • Superior written and oral fluency in Kiswahili and English required. Oral fluency in local languages is important.

  • Superior communication skills, including proven listening skills, and ability to communicate appropriately in a medical setting.
  • Comfortable working in a dispersed team.

  • Demonstrated proficiency in computer skills, including Microsoft Word, Excel

  • Ability and willingness to provide emotional support, encouragement and motivation to beneficiaries

  • Ability to treat beneficiaries and partners with the highest degree of respect and discretion.

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